Happy Socks x STUDIO barnhus

Happy Socks x STUDIO barnhus

“Many believe that the foot is in fact the door to the sole.“

Kornél Kovács

“Others simply believe the feet are the hands of the leg.“

Axel Boman

“Foot for thought!”

Pedrodollar - Petter Nordkvist

Huh? Wondering what this is all about?

In our newest creative collaboration we joined forces with Studio Barnhus – a Stockholm-based DJ trio and record label. The result: a pair of limited edition L.S.B. (Love Studio Barnhus) Socks and an exclusive track, dedicated to fans of dancing the night away. Or, like the artists themselves tend to call it, ‘’an honest attempt at reaching the 7th level of consciousness or maybe even a portal to the sole’’.

With sustainability and functionality in mind, we decided to produce the L.S.B. socks in light and durable recycled polyamide that got a second life. This long-lasting material will survive many nights out. The socks provide light compression for perfect blood circulation, arch support, and reinforced heels and toes for maximum comfort and durability.

The Happy Socks X Studio Barnhus collab shows off two different designs in one pair. The left sock keeps it simple and sleek with embroidery, whereas the right one is exquisitely random with knitted designs.

You can also find them in our Happy Socks store in Östermalm, Stockholm, at StudioBarnhus.com, and at selected retailers such as APlace and Caliroots.com.

You can also find them in our Happy Socks store in Östermalm, Stockholm, at StudioBarnhus.com, and at selected retailers such as APlace and Caliroots.com.

We met with the three artists behind the ‘’sock for all your toes at once’’ to chat about their creative process and decode some cryptic messages that seem to be hidden in the sock design and the video to the track.

Hi guys! Let’s start with deciphering your mysterious statement about the 7th level of consciousness and your design being a portal to the sole…

Our purpose in everything we do, including sock-making, is to break down barriers between the physical world and the spiritual.

How does the design reflect who Studio Barnhus collective and its members are?

Chaos would be the key word here!

Can you tell us more about the idea of mismatched socks and explain the story behind the prints? Are tomatoes the villains? Are aubergines innocent? So many questions!

When nothing else makes sense in this world, why should socks? As for the prints, we’re storytellers, not story explainers…

What was your artistic process while working on the design? How did you consider everyone's opinions?

We listened to the most experienced sock-wearers in our team, while also allowing those of us newer to the sock-wearing game to voice their opinions. This created an important balance between solid wisdom and exciting innovation.

Is working on a sock design different to working on a music track?

Not much. Material = drums, design = melodies, print = what we in the music business commonly refer to as “sprinkles”.

How did you decide to name the socks L.S.B. and what is it that you three, and the fans, love about Studio Barnhus?

As you suggest, the abbreviation stands for Love Studio Barnhus. We love Studio Barnhus because it’s our baby. Fans love Studio Barnhus because it’s their friend.

What about the music video - what was your creative process? And, even more importantly – how did it feel to be a tomato?!

We’re experienced entertainers, actors and models. We showed up and did the job, following a meticulous plan laid out by the Happy Socks’ team. Being a tomato felt good and bouncy.

Tell us more about the track itself, how do the music and the sock designs complement each other?

We wanted to create something fun and festive but with dark, warped undertones. When paired with the actual physical-world socks, the L.S.B. track becomes a third sock for your mind, elevating both the listening and the sock-wearing experience to higher states.

The summer is coming, and with it (hopefully!) loads of long nights to dance away. In 5 words, describe the perfect Studio Barnhus party vibe.

“What goes around goes around”.